I Love to Code.

Software engineer, IT Manager

Front-End / Back-End

The founder

Georgios Papanikolaou

Managing a team of developers and coordinating with a design team to provide quality driven websites, web apps and mobile applications for iOs and Android. World traveler with an international mindset that plays well with all nationalities and teams. TEDx speaker as well. Also known as skoumas.

Worked with clients such as:
Thomson Reuters, Value Partners, WorldVentures, Nutricia, American Express,

Personal Startups/Hobbies
www.shareapaint.com – an online social network that was built with vanilla PHP by hand using a custom made MVC system.

Management Skills: Handling teams overseas, finding the right match for the team, HR operations, team inspiration and coordination, Setting up milestones, quotations, pitching and timeframes.
Skillset pool: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Vanilla Javascript, Ajax Calls, Angular1, Angular2, NodeJs, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Ruby on Rails, REST architecture, Objective Oriented PHP Classes, ASP background
Frameworks include: WordPress, Laravel, Ruby on Rails
Javascript Libraries: Jquery, ThreeJS, ScrollMagic
Front-End Frameworks: Angular 1, Angular 2
Security Skills: SHA-1 encryption, SHA-2 encryption handshakes
CSS Frameworks: Skeleton, Bootstrap, Materialize
APIs: Google Maps Javascript API, Google Contacts, Facebook Login, Google Places API
Server skillsets: Digital Ocean, Linode, Nginx, Apache, Jenkins
Future skillsets: Phoenix and Elixir, Scaled-up distributed systems
Design oriented skills include: Photoshop, After Effects, Sketch, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas

I like to use gulp for my SASS and JS scripts.

Worldwide known for my viral projects and counting a lot of interview across many channels and magazines across the world. More at www.skoumas.com


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I had the pleasure of working with George during my time at Alchemy. George and I worked closely from project to project and he had given the most professional support with his expertise in the digital area.

George is a successful risk-taker, not only performed in our company’s but also in his own projects and start up such as ‘skoumas.com’ and ‘shareapaint’. Highly appreciate his passion towards the digital world and we shared quite a lot of insights together.

As a creative digital developer who possesses a can-do attitude, George is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him for any organization that chooses to take benefit from his diverse skills.

Kimi Poon,Account Executive

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like George. As a UI UX designer, I had the pleasure of working with George at Alchemy Asia, collaborating on digital projects. I was wow-ed by his ability to handle my request on some of my experimental designs —effortlessly. We always discuss and sort out solutions smoothly to make impossible possible. He is patient, creative and with a skill to think critically. Any individuals/company would be lucky to have George as a developer.

Janice Chan,Designer, AlchemyAsia

It was a pleasure working with George who has a strong “Can do” attitude. I’m not the right person to judge and talk about his technical expertise, but he has definitely changed something seems impossible to possible.

His passion in digital keeps him improve and motivate in every way everyday. He is eager to learn, is a good listener and team player within the company.

Definitely a good asset to any digital driven company!

Eliza Young,Account Director at Alchemy Asia

I have has the pleasure of working with George at Alchemy. George has shown a great aptitude for learning and developing on his skill set. Thrust into a challenging environment as the CTO on multiple high profile projects, which were half complete he not only got up to speed quickly and finished each project on time. He also did so leading a new team and and maintained client relations. Something he hadn’t really much experience with but adapted very quickly. He is very driven to constantly stay up to date with new technology, even in his spare time and also has a creative and design streak, which really adds to the team.
Best of all you will find that projects are generally built way ahead of time with a minimum of fuss.

Sean Hutchinson,Digital Branding

George is diligent in his work and a rare combination of software developer, interface designer, and artist. These talents are sorely needed in Hong Kong and I am confident that George will have an impact on Hong Kong’s development and start-up scene.

Gino Yu,PHD, Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development Hong Kong Polytechnic University

When George joined Lamplight we knew straight away that he would contribute right across our business. This is a developer who thinks in terms of design and puts the user first in everything he does. Not only that, he goes beyond creating simple, beautiful experiences in his tech to taking the next ‘business’ leap and thinking about marketing and user acquisition. George has made a real difference to Lamplight and I sincerely hope to work with him again in the future

Fergus Clarke,Co-founder & COO at Lamplight Analytics, Hong Kong

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