The founder

Georgios Papanikolaou

With an amazing background in entrepreneurship, awarded skills in arts, digital production, management skills, punk attitude and being a CTO for a team of 20, George’s mission is to add value and sanity into this poor and misbehaved world.

George is diligent in his work and a rare combination of software developer, interface designer, and artist. These talents are sorely needed in Hong Kong and I am confident that George will have an impact on Hong Kong’s development and start-up scene.

Gino Yu,PHD, Director of Digital Entertainment and Game Development Hong Kong Polytechnic University

When George joined Lamplight we knew straight away that he would contribute right across our business. This is a developer who thinks in terms of design and puts the user first in everything he does. Not only that, he goes beyond creating simple, beautiful experiences in his tech to taking the next ‘business’ leap and thinking about marketing and user acquisition. George has made a real difference to Lamplight and I sincerely hope to work with him again in the future

Fergus Clarke,Co-founder & COO at Lamplight Analytics, Hong Kong

George is one of the most energetic and versatile people I have ever worked with. He attacks every new challenge with tenacity. I admire his ability to thrive in a startup environment where he has consistently managed to deliver innovative solutions to multiple concurrent tasks of varying complexity.

Nathan Pacey,CTO of Lamplight Analytics, Kong Kong

George is one of those few people that you meet in life, that carry an air of genius about them. He combines an array of highly developed skills with profound philosophical conclusions… all while maintaining a mischievous humour that makes the introduction to his work and ideas fun. Does that sound like too much praise? Just meet and work with him.

Philip La Vere,Media Professional & Voice Actor

Oscar Wilde