Hello there,

This is skoumas.com. The center of a series of ideas, startups, projects and labs directed by George Papanikolaou – a Greek/German entrepreneur and multimedia producer living in Hong Kong.

The founder

Georgios Papanikolaou

George is an intense creator, with a sharp business-ready mind that can both think, imagine, dream and execute. He started his career early at school with Visual Basic and HTML. At the age of 15 he could handle HTML and CSS and by 16 he was already in ASP and databases. At the same time his skills in video and photography were taking off as he started experimenting with his first Canon camera.

The amount of ideas and startups that George worked with is hard to calculate. From personal projects to family projects to client needs George has encountered countless business ideas and he personally worked on them.

Now, with the maturity that George has collected over the years combines with his managment skills: George is adapting the 10+ years old skoumas.com to it's final and true purpose: A global business center of ideas/startups/pieces-of-code with huge potential and individual value.

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